Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year's in Ohio

We brought in the New Year up in Ohio with the Files Gang.

We enjoyed countless games of 'Ticket to Ride'

Played Boccie Ball in the woods

and enjoyed the snow!!

Oops - we forgot to bring Secily's mitts from home....good thing we found some that fit her just right.
(Does Lesley look totally out-of-control in this picture? She was. Yes, she had to bail before she hit the bridge!)
We even made snow ice-cream....yum! It was a great vacation, and very fun to be with family to bring in the new year.


courtney said...

Yay! Two posts in two days! Looks like y'all had fun in OH. I love Secily's gloves...hilarious!

Hope you're feeling better! I saw your mom the other day and she said you had the flu. Ick!!

Teresa said...

Looks like soooo much fun! I'm jealous of the seasons that you guys experience in Canada and Ohio...

Oh, and LOVE the family pic with Secily's designer posh!

Anonymous said...

I miss y'all! Come back!!!