Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bread bags.

Ok, after that last post, and my thinking that Larson looked cute, Ryan declared that I must be getting older, and will pretty soon be storing left-over food in bread here it is - a new non-creepy post - - -

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bryan & Eriana's firstborn. Eraina's due date is TODAY, but no word yet. And, to make the waiting even harder - they do not know what they are having! This is, somehow, the only picture I have of Eraina pregnant (it's because she is the one who is usually taking all of the pictures!) She looks adorable.

My Mom has been here for the past few weeks, getting acclimated to life down here, for when she & Dad move down. :) She's been sewing sweet dresses for Secily (pictures soon to follow), and watching the kids while Ryan & I have seen practically every movie currently in the theaters.

Secily has embraced her Texan roots, and has got herself a pair of cowboy boots - they seem to fit as well as her gloves did in Ohio over New Years.....just right.

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Lisa said...

Is storing leftover food in bread bags a sign of getting older? I've not heard that one yet. Now, saving packets of soy sauce and Arby's sauce, THAT'S a sign of getting older!

Oh, and I've tagged you for a quirky MeMe!! (I love MeMe's!)