Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let My People Go!

Ah.....bedtime stories. I loved them as a kid, and we have just begun to really get into them around our house. Larson no longer wants a book read to him at night - he would rather "a talking story". Most nights he will let you know who he wants in the story, and sometimes, what he would like to happen. Of course the main character is played by him and he really loves it when I throw in something about him having some kind of super-power, a jet pack, a truck to drive, or massive amounts of candy. However, lately he has had a special request:
"Mommy, tell me a talking story. About me....and Moses." He doesn't want just any story about him & Moses - he wants THE story of Moses, with him thrown in there too.
Um, okay.....not quite sure how to tie this all together, but -

"Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Larson, who went to the land of Egypt....."
or maybe:

"Once upon a time there were two good friends, Larson & Moses......"

Should make for some entertaining & amusing evenings around our house!


Natalie said...

I can't wait for the day that he tells his Sunday School teacher the story of Moses...and Larson. That will be a good day! Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Karin....I just love reading your
blog, and laughed out loud at your telling of Larson and Moses.
What a kid!! Glad also to see your photos of Christmas and time in Ohio. I'd heard what fun you
had. Happy 2008! love, k

David said...

Karin ! Where are You from ? I can't say that I Like Moses, that's besause that he tok a second whife. I'am from Sweden.

Amber Huston Punga said...

I remember your Dad telling us stories in your swinging bed, and we were what, 13? So dig in, it seems the talking stories phase seems to last a long time!