Saturday, September 22, 2007

A glimpse into the female mind.....

My husband Ryan's official standpoint on the female gender in general is that "chicks are crazy", and he doesn't mind sharing that opinion with me, or anyone else. Now, I have always defended my gender to the utmost degree -loving, caring, emotional, feeling, rational, lovely...these things we are, crazy, we are not. However, as of yesterday I am beginning to wonder......

You see, yesterday, I cut my hair. I mean, I really cut my hair. My hair was past my shoulders, and now no part of it is remotely close to my shoulders. In my world, this is a big deal. Since then (yesterday at around 5:00) I have been living in turmoil:

"What have I done?" (the obvious statement after any haircut)

"Why cut my hair so short when I am 6 months pregnant?" (as if my face needed any help looking rounder)

"I think the left side is longer than the right side" (followed by a good 10 minutes in front of the mirror with the straightener)

"I think I actually do like it..." (then again.....)

"Oh. My. Gosh...what have I done?"

Now, I know all you guys out there are thinking - Ryan had it right all along - chicks, (especially this one) are (definitely) crazy!

But, girls of the world - you are behind me right? I'm not really crazy.

(Am I?) :)


Stephanie said...

You are definitely NOT crazy, and your new "do" looks fabulous! I don't think it makes your face look rounder, and, although I didn't inspect it tonight, the left side doesn't look shorter (or longer?) than the right side. I would, however, miss the option of the pony tail. :)

Teresa said...

I'm the wrong person to offer an opinion considering my entire week of turmoil, in which several of the comments you verbalized came to my mind too...(I did end up going back for some blonde, though)

For what it's worth, I thought it looked cute at church.

courtney said...

You're only crazy for thinking it looks's stinkin' precious! I think it looks so cute!

And, really, Ryan calling other people crazy? Come one... ;)

Lisa said...

OK, see, I don't live there, so now you need to post a picture so that all of us out-of-towners can see and weigh in!
The great thing about hair, though, is that whole "growing back" thing!!
I do have to agree with Courtney...Ryan, saying people are crazy?
"Hello, Pot? This is Kettle...YOU'RE BLACK!"

Lesley said...

'Oh wow,' or 'oh my goodness.'
NOT 'oh my gosh.'


Lisa said...


Karin said...

Here's the thing....I don't have any pictures - our digital camera was stolen. So...when we get a new one, I will post.
However, from these comments, I am starting to think that maybe I am a little crazy - maybe I am the only female out there who regrets (even if for only moments) every single haircut! :)

Lisa said...

OK, I guess I'll cut some slack because of the whole "stolen camera" thing. I forgot about that!

I'm sure your hair looks just as cute as all the other posters say it does!

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