Friday, October 12, 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words....

To spare you having to read my thousand words (because, really, I could write that much) I will let you just look at the pictures of our trip to Canada. We had a fantastic time - perfect fall weather, the entire family home for a week, a huge 60th birthday party for my Dad (which I don't have any pictures of!), and Thanksgiving at the Larson farm with almost the entire Larson family - there were 65 of us! Thanksgiving day was everything it should be - family, turkey, quads, football, fire, guns...what more could you ask for!


Lisa said...

Ummmm....guns? Fire? Huh?
You crazy Canadians!!

Am I blind or do I not see any pictures of a preggo you?

Karin said... are not blind...there was not really any pictures of me - I am 6 months pregnant....eeeeek! :)