Thursday, August 02, 2012

Trip to Canada - Part 3

The Farm!!

After a great weekend at the Lake, we loaded up and headed out to Saskatchewan, and the family farm.  (We were in 3 provinces during our little trip up North).
It's always great to be in Saskatchewan, but it is especially great to be there in the summer.  The days are warm & long, the nights are short & cool....beautiful.

We loved our time at the farm.  We wasted no time getting out on the tractors! 

 We had the whole gang on a Larson Parade to go and haul water!

Checking that all was well with the water 

 Grandpa & the many rides around the farm yard!

We went to visit Aunt Grace

Although she may not look it, she really was happy that we were there!  :) 

A lot of time spent in the back of the truck,  

trimming trees, climbing on the roof....

Jane LOVED riding in the front seat!!

Larson & Secily loved sitting on the tail gate!

The crab apples were good for picking....

We even got a good thunderstorm while we were there.

We watched the storm from the garage

And then we saw these crazy clouds afterwards - pretty!

It was such fun to see so many cousins!  Loved visiting with all of you!

Great to see Uncle Ken & Aunt Helen too - the kids loved all of the bikes & trikes that Uncle Ken brought out 

Larson was so pumped that Terry had a bow & arrow!

One of the bikes that Uncle Ken brought out....hilarious!

Sweet cousins!

Some classic Saskatchewan shots....

Such a fun trip.  We loved our time at the farm!

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