Thursday, August 02, 2012

Trip to Canada - Part 2

We left Duluth, and headed North!  Our first stop once we crossed the border was my Grandparent's Cottage on Lake of the Woods, Ontario.   I have so many wonderful childhood memories of spending summers at the lake with all of my cousins, and was so excited to take Ryan & the kids to see it.

The Seven C's....that's where we were headed!

Such a peaceful view.

The Point - complete with Canadian Flag & 7 C's sign. 

My Grandparents celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary this summer - how awesome is that!?

Larson jumping off of the boathouse roof!  


Grandma, the girls & I took a paddleboat ride.  

Secily was so nervous to jump off the boathouse roof.  She went up there and looked down, she watched Larson, Ryan, my Dad & I jump, she stood on the edge and then scooted back, then finally.....she did it!

When Ryan asked her how she became so brave she said that she was just up there praying!  

Such fun jumping off of the dock...

My cousin Tara & her family came to visit - so much fun to see her!  She & I have a million memories together at this place.  

A view of the dock & boathouse from the water.

My sweet parents drove from Saskatchewan to join us at the lake!  So fun to be there with them.  

My favorite swing.  

In the boat, on the way to the Rockeries.

The Rockeries hasn't changed one bit since I was last there.  

Grandpa & Secily rode in the front of the boat.  I can't believe that I don't have a picture of my Uncle Earl & Aunt Adele who so sweetly took us out in their boat!  Thanks UE & AA!


Grandma & Larson.  My Grandparents have had this cottage for almost 50 years, so my mom has spent a lot of time to see her there with her grandkids!  

Ah, yes, the shower in the lake.  So great. 

Thanks for a wonderful visit Grandma & Grandpa!  

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francine said...

aww, that sounds like such a fun trip!!!! and secily praying on the boathouse roof seriously made me tear up a little! that girl is so cute :)