Saturday, July 30, 2011

Electronic Fast (sort of)

I'm off work the next few days so tonight we will kick off our 1st annual 4-day Amish Starter Kit.  Here's the details:
Today from noon until bedtime the kids have unlimited electronic time.  This includes video games, tv shows, movies, etc.  However, as always only parental approved content is allowed.  The six year old can't just knock out a season of Dexter before the fast begins.
-The fast begins tonight at 9 pm and lasts until Thursday morning: no internet, video games, movies or television. 
-The cell phones will be plugged in at the kitchen location and only the phone functionallity is permitted. ( think landline)
-Parents can check email after kids bedtime.  No websites just email.
Here's a list of activities we'll work on during the 4 days:
-Secily learning to ride a bike
-Larson and Secily learning to tie their shoes
-Jane potty training
-Memorize a scripture passage  
-Organize the garage
-Revamp the flowerbed in the front yard
I'll report back on Thursday.  or sooner if the whole thing craters.


francine said...

ryan, that sounds really cool! i'm sure y'all will have a great time :)

Erik said...

I like it.

Lorraine said...


Sarah said...

Glad I'm married to Tim...