Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jane Turned 1!

It is a slightly embarrassing that it is now the end of August and I am finally getting around to doing Jane’s birthday post.  Whoops.  

She turned one on the 6th of April.  We celebrated with family at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  What a cute birthday girl!!

Jane was just taking a step or two at a time around her birthday. 
When I think back to all the time that I spent on bedrest, and the challenge that was to all of us, I am just SO very thankful for our family who helped out so much - - every minute was worth it!
Happy Birthday sweet Jane - we love you so!

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Karate Mom said...

What cute pictures! I love birthdays!

Oh, by the way, Reilly and Declan are SO excited about getting to come and meet their "Dallas cousins". Declan was SOLD on the trip as soon as I told him that Larson is six and loves Superheroes.