Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cousins Camp

We went for a funfilled week of Cousins Camp in Ohio.  Natalie & Andrew, Audrey &Elise were all there; we had such fun playing with them.  Granny, of course, had a pile of fun things to do & we loved every minute!  

We played in the pool (are my nieces not adorable!?!)

Went for a walk in the woods
Went on Granny's super fun (and only slightly dangerous) swing

Did the slip & slide
Launched water balloons & had water gun fights 

Did some shaving cream "art"
We went to the park

Had a few races

Saw the new polar bear exhibit at the zoo

And loved spending time with the cousins. 

Thanks for such a great week Granny & Grandpa Glenn!


Amy said...

WHAT are those things you're riding/racing on???

Karin said...

Amy - they are called Roller Racers & they are so much fun! I have a faint memory of them at Campbell Collegiate...? You sit on the seat & move the handle bars back & forth to make it go. The kids love it.