Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow in Texas

We have had such a fun winter in Texas!  It has been unbelievable all of the snow that we have had - and it has been so much fun to play in!    We got our biggest snow last week, and we didn't want to miss it!
We dressed up

and went outside.

Yes!  This is Texas!

It was so fun to play with the kids in the snow, so fun that, even though we are miles away from where I grew up, my kids can still get a taste of some of the kinds of things we did all the time.  


courtney said...

you must feel right at home!

Jinny said...

Wow Karin, you have way more snow than we've had all winter here in southern Ontario. Crazy! Glad you and the kids got to enjoy it a bunch. :)

Amy said...

I want to live somewhere where snow IS A NOVELTY!

Allecia said...

I'm amazed you even have winter gear for the kids! Jane looks just like Marin did the first time she got all bundled up... she fell over!! Now she's use to it and LOVES to put on her snow clothes! Isn't it fun to see things through the eyes of our children?