Monday, February 08, 2010


Jane was 10 months old on the 6th.  I haven't really done an update on her lately, and since this blog also serves as a baby book, I thought I'd better jot a few things down.

Jane's Top 10 at 10:
1. She is still her happy self.  Very content, and loves being entertained by Larson & Secily.
2. The girl likes to eat.  She eats anything, so long as she feeds herself.  No spoons please.  
3. She is a very fast crawler.  No walking, or standing alone yet, but she can get where she wants to go!
4. She has 6 teeth - 4 on top & 2 on bottom.  If you put your finger in her mouth, she will bite...hard.
5. She is outgrowing her morning nap (Say it ain't so Jane...for your Mom's sake!)
6. She has a song.  It's "Take a Chance on Me" by Abba, but we replace each and every word of the song with Jane.  It goes like this:  JajaJane-Jane Jane, JajaJane-Jane Jane, JajaJane-Jane Jane...Jaja-Jane  You get the idea.  We sing it ALL the time.
7. She has this sort of scrunch-snarl-snort-smile thing she does.  By it's description, it may not sound like it would be cute, but, it is.
9. She does not say any words yet, but that doesn't stop her from making noise.  Loud noise.  Often.
10. She does this weird thing where she bites the top of her forearm.  It's especially weird because Ryan does the SAME thing!

We love you Jane!


Yuriko said...

Okay, I think we are going to need a photo of this forearm bite.. can't quite imagine it...

Allecia said...

Man is she cute! It's amazing how quickly they go from totally dependent to relatively independent (or at least THEY think so!) We've had the morning nap issue too, but I keep insisting, so she'll usually take a short one. Love the photo!

The Barfuss Family said...

Karin - she is so cute! I didn't realize her and Ellison are so close in age. It was great seeing you again a few weeks ago!

yuriko said...

We've constantly been singing the ja ja jane song here in Tokyo ever since your blog post.

Katie said...

Beautiful picture!! It seems that Jane and Landry have similar eating styles.

Karin said...

I know Yuriko, it gets in your head right!? You will hate me when it is still in your head next week, next month.... :)