Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I knew it would happen eventually....

but I didn't know that it would happen so early. What? you ask?


These are the things that came out of the grocery bags today when I got home that I did not put into the grocery cart!
The day was long, and (stupid me) I left the grocery shopping to the very end of the day. The kids were tired, as was I, so I had them sitting in the enormous bus-of-a-shopping-cart that is made for mothers who are insane enough to take 3 children to the store. :)
It happened about aisle 3, a certain gleam came into Larson's eye and he darted - out of the cart, grabbed a can and dashed back to his spot. This was followed by hysterical laughing by both Larson & Secily. I was glad that they were now enjoying themselves instead of complaining, so I let them keep dashing back & forth & would just put back what they were taking as we were walking along. All was going well. Then......

I ran into a friend. A friend I hadn't seen in a long while, and she had a new baby. So, I was ooohing, and aaahhhing over the sweet baby, meanwhile my babies, were LOADING up the cart.
After putting back 15 cans of green beans, I thought I had gotten it all.

Apparently not.

I do find it hilarious that out of the 6 items that slid past, only one of them is something that they actually like. I mean seriously....canned olives & tartar sauce. Hilarious!

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Yuriko said...

this is such a funny post. canned olives..yum!