Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aunt Jan

My Mom is from a family of 5 girls. FIVE.

Mom is number 3 in the line up, and my Aunt Jan, number 2, came to visit this past week.

We had a great time with her - shopping, talking, shopping, laughing, shopping, reminiscing, shopping.... you get the idea.

My Aunt Jan is such a great lady, it was so fun to spend time with her!


courtney said...

I love old pictures--love them!!

I like the sister in the bottom right. The photo shoot seems to really be boring her!

Lorraine said...

O.K. Karin, where did you get that first picture?!?! I LOVED my sailor dress!

Julie said...

your mom must be on the far that correct. jeff looks so much like her especially when she was young. wow.

Karin said...

Yes - my mom is on the left - in the dark dress. :)

Katie said...

Totally off topic from your other comments....FIVE GIRLS? I totally know who I'm calling for advice on raising all girls from now on. You probably thought Lorraine moved to Texas for you and the rest of the fam. I now believe she did to help me :).