Monday, September 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Family Night #2 was Winter Wonderland. We had a great night!
Secily & I did the decorating.... snowflakes!

We dressed the part -

Had snowman soup (kindof creepy looking, I know...)

and had snowflakes for dessert (or puppy I miss you Lesley!)

Ryan & Larson made marshmallow guns this afternoon, for our 'snowball fight'!

We had a glacier on the playset, and the object was to hit the glacier with the snowball....

It quickly turned into, let's hit Daddy with the snowballs!

Then it turned into, let's break the glacier in the street (this unplanned activity turned out to be Larson's favorite part of the evening. Am I surprised? no.)

We finished off the evening with a wintery craft - snowman suncatchers!

It was a fun evening!


Lesley said...

Awhh, I miss y'all! I love the family picture!

yuriko said...

that is so inspiring!
what a great way to get the kids to eat their vegetables.. disguise it as a snowman's nose..

before you know it your blog will get sponsored and you will be reminding all parents how to bring the fun back into "family night"

way to go File family!

francine said...

hahaha that soup is totally creepy looking! i love it! and i love you! :)

Teresa said...

You guys are so fun!

Angie said...

I love y'all.

Anonymous said... really should write a clever you are!!! Love, kay

Jinny and Colin said...

That's such a great idea Karin. You inspire me. :) You are very creative! I bet your kids will remember those nights forever.

Eraina said...

I love your family nights :)

Jodi Ranger said...

What a fun family Karin. You are so creative. Jinny is right you are very inspiring.