Monday, September 07, 2009

Backwards Night

Last night was our first official Family Night. The plan is to have them twice a month.
Backwards was the theme of the evening, and we had a great time!

Everyone dressed for the event,

We started off with dinner...under the table,

No dinner unless you first finish your dessert - hard to tell from the picture, but dessert was Oreo's with cream on both sides, and the cookie in the middle!

Dinner - hotdogs with the bun inside the hotdog,

and 7-down to drink

We finished off the evening with backward sliding,

and backward races in the backyard.



Katherine said...

that is crazy!

Su-Ann said...

That is absolutely the BEST family fun night idea I have ever heard of!! You & Ryan are amazing parents!!

Teresa said...

how fun are you guys!

Katie said...

I have no shame in what I'm about to say....the Smith family will be stealing this idea from you. And...I may just blog about it too. HOW GREAT! By the way, loved having you guys for dinner. Let's do it again soon.

Karin said...

Katie - steal away. I am planning on doing them twice a if you start family night too we can share (steal!) ideas! :)

Lesley said...

That seriously looks like so much fun!

Terry and Bonnie said... are my kids too old for this?? I want to do it too!!

Judi said...

great idea, Karin! fun for the whole fam.

WinterBlog said...

I am so stealing this idea!!!

Anonymous said...

When's the next family night? I'm coming over!

Melissa Denise said...

Thanks for the inspiration Karin!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karin and Ryan,
You are so inventive!!!
How DO you come up with 'em???
Love, kay

Allecia said...

Love it! You're so creative! Just looked through my old Honduras scrapbook the other night and was missing you guys!

Chandra said...

Themed family nights- you all are so great- I LOVE it!