Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool....

Did anyone else sing that song in elementary school? No? Just me? Okay.....

Well, we have been doing exactly that for the past week - swimming! My parents new house has a pool and I don't know about them, but WE are LOVING it! :)

I am happy to report that Secily is no longer doing this, but is cheerfully kicking her way across the pool.

Larson's doing great - he's been working on his cannonball.

Even Jane put on her suit (thanks cousin Amy!) and got in for awhile!

We are loving these summer days!


Allecia said...

How fun! You are very lucky! I'm sure your parents love to watch all the action too!

Jinny and Colin said...

I'm jealous of the pool. :) We're all going home to Saskatoon this week and it's supposed to be hot (for SK anyways)...and you make me wish that my parents had a pool. Maybe they'll get Liam a paddling pool for while we're there....almost the same thing, right? ;)