Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Extra-Sweet Treat

Today was one of those days when the kids & I really needed to get out of the house! I decided that we all needed a little 'lift' & so took them for ice cream. We drove to Marble Slab, got everyone unloaded,

The unloading process:
Step 1: Get out of car, walk to the back of the truck,
Step 2: Open hatch, get stroller, set it up
Step 3: Open back left door, get Jane, put in stroller
Step 4: Walk around to back right door, open, unbuckle Larson & Secily

We walked into the store, waited in line for about 5 minutes, then went to place our order when the guy behind the counter says - "our machines are down, so we are only taking cash". Hmmmm. I check my wallet. I have exactly one dollar. Darn. So, out we go, to begin the process of loading into the car.

The loading process:
Step 1: Open the back right door, Larson & Secily climb in to start buckling
Step 2: Walk around, open drivers door, start car to get AC running
Step 3: Open back left door, snap Jane in, shut door
Step 4: Walk to back - open hatch, put in stroller, close hatch.
Step 5: Get in back right door, finishing buckling in Larson & Secily, shut door.
Step 6: Back to drivers side, get in, shut door...ready to go!

I had made it to Step 5 in the process (almost there!), when Secily tells me "Mommy, I have to go potty"
"Secily - are you sure you have to go? Can you wait?"
"I really have to go."

Begin the unload process....again....

Walk back into the store...again....

Use the restroom. (uneventful - thank goodness!)

Back to the car to begin the loading process....again....

I made it to Step 1 when a lady comes out from Marble Slab, she was worried about me & the kids not being able to get ice cream. I told her that we were going to load up and go somewhere else. She said, "no, no, you come inside and I will get your ice cream for you."


"No..." I say."
"I insist." she tells me handing me a $20


So, thanks to a sweet family at Marble Slab, we enjoyed our ice cream!

She inspired me to look for ways to go out of my way to be kind to others. It had an impact on Larson as well, because tonight as we were praying for our dinner (after the ice cream cones!) he thanked God for the people who shared with us, and got us our ice cream.
Turns out that we got a more of a 'lift' today than I had planned.


courtney said...

ah, that's great! yea for the kindness of strangers!

Teresa said...

What a sweet story.

I feel like I should be looking for you guys on Candid Camera or Oprah now...

yuriko said...

that is a wonderful story!
Love that kind lady!

Sarah said...

That is so nice of that lady. And BIG KUDOS for you trudging everyone out in the heat and happily buckling and rebuckling them in!!!!!

Judi said...

what a great story - and for those people to 'pay it forward'! Great example for the rest of us!

Becky said...

dont you just HATE carseats?

Su-Ann said...

what a heart-warming story.. and a great challenge for us to look around where we can impact another person's day in a positive way! Thanks for sharing!!

Jinny and Colin said...

Wow, that's so great! I love it when God surprises us like that.

Allecia said...

Great story! I didn't hear it, but our sermon this weekend was about a "kindness revolution". I'm sure she was just as blessed as you were!

Katie said...

Great story! Karin...totally feel your pain on the loading and unloading. I mean...if we leave the house and I'm alone with all three, it must mean a) we need to have a change of scenery BAD or b) there is something I cannot live without!

Jennifer said...

Wow - what a cool story! AND it's a good reminder to me when I'm growlling under my breath about getting ONE kiddo in and out that I shouldn't complain. You're such a good Mommy!

Once we have three I'm hoping Marble Slab will deliver!

Yates Family said...

How sweet and funny! You never know when that "teachable moment" comes along! : )