Monday, March 09, 2009

Melt Your Heart Moments

I love the ages that our kids are at. They are just hilarious, and sometimes can be so, so sweet - here are a few of my favorite recent quotes:

Grandma: Good-night Larson, have a great sleep. I love you. And Grandpa loves you. And Mommy loves you. And Daddy loves you.
Larson: And Jesus loves me.
Secily, upon waking up from a nap: So much Mommy.
Mommy: So much what Secily?
Secily: So much, I love you so much.
Secily, at dinner time: I want to sit by Mommy!!!!!
Ryan: Why?
Secily: I want to sit by Mommy 'cuz we're best friends.
Me: Secily, Granny is coming to visit us today!
Secily: And Grandpa Glenn?
Me: No, just Granny this time.
Secily: (starts to cry) But, but, I like BOTH of them!
And, finally, I saved the best for last. This conversation took place over dinner a little while ago:

Larson: Secily, who do you like better? Mom or Dad?
Secily (without hesitation): Mom.
Larson (comes back with a quick reply): Oh. I like Dad better.

How's that for honesty!? I guess we better soak it up now, I have a feeling that if I record this very same conversation when they are 12 & 13 their answers may be a little different!


Becky Chamberlain said...

hahaha. halarious. The other day my dad said "anders likes his mommy" and charlie said "no he doesnt, I like my mommy. Anders likes daddy"

Carrie said...

Those are really precious! You will be so glad to have them written down when they get older!

I hope you are doing well, I have been lifting you and baby up in lots of prayer! I can't wait till the little guy/gal makes the grand appearance!!!!