Saturday, November 01, 2008

November...already!? Ack!

I feel like the fall has flown by! September & October are usually really nice, peaceful months around here - but once we hit November it gets crazy. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, more birthdays, then Christmas...busy! It has come up really fast this year.

We did have a great Halloween. Our church had a carnival last weekend. Our little Spiderman, and Snow White had a blast! There were games to play, bounce houses, food, and candy, candy, candy! Even Grandpa & Grandma got in on the fun

The kids had such a great time and got so much candy at the carnival, that we decided to just hand out candy last night. And, I must say, it was a big hit! It was a beautiful night, so we sat outside for a long time, and whenever any kids would come within 5 houses of ours, Larson & Secily would start bellowing "Come Here! Come Here!" They had a great time, and since Larson has been sleeping in his costume pretty much since we got it, I didn't feel too bad about not having them dress up again!

In other is a big day for Ryan Files and his beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders! Ryan decided last minute to go, so he flew out yesterday & will be at the game tonight! It's basically the biggest game in Tech history - I talked to him at noon today and he said that Lubbock is crazy right now and that he is having the best time. I'm sure he will be posting about it soon.

I decided not to go (a little too difficult so last minute) but I did go earlier this season. We stayed with our great friends Jeff & Courtney:

Spent a little time on campus,
And went to a game!

The game is at 7:00 tonight, so "get your guns up", and look for Ryan on T.V!

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courtney said...

oh my word, karin. we had so much fun at the game. wish you could have been here!