Tuesday, September 09, 2008

True Story

5th grade. The only year I played school basketball. That is until I decided to try out for the the Wylie High School varsity team my Senior year. A senior could not be cut from the varsity team because they weren't eligible for the JV team. In the school's history only once a Senior failed to make the team. This individual was told he wasn't quite good enough to ever play but he decided to stay on the team anyway. I made up my mind early that if faced with "the talk" I would save face and quit. The summer before my senior year I went to three basketball camps and spent countless hours in the gym. I affectionately earned the label gym rat and well established members of the team would say things like "Coach has to keep you on the team as at least a defensive specialist". It was apparent to all that I was highly dedicated and hustle was my motto. Equally apparent was a lack of basketball knowledge and athleticism.

Day one Abilene Christian Basketball camp- First thing we did was divide into groups and practice drills so the Coaches could evaluate our strengths. "Alright guys, three man weave". "Go". Starting at half court a guy to my right passed me the ball. I took two dribbles and launched a wide open three. Air. I think one coach shook his head. I had never heard of the 3 man weave.

One week before the start of the season the Coach calls me into his office.

"I appreciate you coming out for the team this year." Pause. I feel slightly sick like I just sucked on a battery. "If you want to stay on the team you can but you won't play". We shook hands and with those words this picture remains the only one of me in uniform.

The only senior in school history to get "cut" from the team before me? His name was Chunk.

True Story.

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francine said...

awww ryan! that story was both enjoyable and precious! hot tip... you are a very good storyteller :)