Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When it pours.

Well, we are back.  

Back from a long weekend in Ohio, then a week in Colorado.  Both trips were fantastic - and we were able to see all of our family members from both sides of the family!  We even got to meet our newest niece Audrey, who is SO sweet!   

Ryan did a good job blogging while on the trips, but I usually have too much to say to blog from my phone, so I decided to wait until we got home.  What I didn't know is that while we were away our computer seemed to be attacked by some lovely virus that appears to be fatal.  So sad.  It wouldn't be all that bad really, if, while we were gone our TV receiver didn't also break, and, if, our fridge didn't leak water all over our kitchen floor (cue violin music), and, if, it didn't reach the point that because of some leak in our bathroom wall (not good) we really need to replace our bathroom cabinet & floor.  maw.  

Okay - enough is some good news - Ryan got offered a new job today!  It's in the same department - same company - just a step up from where he was.  Yes, he's that good. 
And some even more exciting news - Jeff & Chandra are expecting their first baby!!  Due in February!   They told the family on our Colorado trip & we couldn't be happier for them!  

Hopefully we will get some things up and running around here & I will post some pictures soon.  I should have a lot to choose from - I think Erik & Yuriko took over 300 of our week in Colorado.  You can look forward to that.  :)  


Teresa said...

Unfortunate chain of events...was your destroyed by a band of gypsies or something?

Soooo excited for Jeff and Chandra!!!

Teresa said...

I should have inserted "house" between your and was late.

Lesley said...

(I mean, about everything.)
Yay for Jeff and Chandra! Fooey on viruses and leaks! What an emotional roller coaster of a post. Hahah...I had to turn off my music so I could focus in on all the stories.

Tiff said...

What a pistol whip!! Ugh!!

Yay!! I am so happy for Pastor Jeff and Chandra. I know he treasures his pastor title. :) That is too exciting.

Oh and congrats to Ryan. That is great news!!

francine said...

oh my gracious! karin, what an intense situation to come home to! that's awesome about ryan though... please tell him congrats from me! :)

Ana said...

Congrats to Rocko...I can still picture that note on the back of his apartment door before you guys were married..."if ryan is not awake, please wake him up, he likes his job". (something like that)
Yeah for Jeffy and Chandra! Join in the madness! Their baby will be the sweetest, happiest little one!