Tuesday, August 19, 2008


100 meters- In 1999 Maurice Green set the record at 9.79. It lasted for 6 six years until 2005. In the last 3 years the record has been broken 6 times. Bolt's record might have lasted another 6 years if he hadn't moonwalked across the finish line.

Hot Sports Opinion-Aside from Tiger Woods, Bolt's victory was the most amazing thing I've seen in sports in the last decade. All the Phelps stuff is great, but the difference is that it looked like Phelps was trying.

Oldest dude-At the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn collected a silver medal in the team double-shot running deer competition, becoming at age 72 the oldest Olympic medalist ever.

Horse talk- How does my horse get to China? Boeing 747, pressurized cargo bin, in a full metal crate. The reasons the equestrian events are not being held in Beijing is because horses are particularly prone to respiratory illnesses and Beijing could not guarantee a disease-free zone.
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