Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wedding Bells

So, I am a little late in posting this, (seems to be a pattern lately!) but last weekend my brother-in-law Preston got married! It was a beautiful wedding....seriously, a fairy tale! He & Katherine make a fantastic couple & we are so happy for them! Here are a few pics for those of you who are interested.
The rehearsal:
First Dance:

Mother/Son Dance:
The Larson's in attendance:

The Files Men (minus the groom!)

Ryan & I with Preston & Katherine:

In keeping with tradition...Lesley caught the bouquet! (She also caught mine, and Natalie's)

The departure:
Preston & Katherine went to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and I'm sure are having a fabulous time, but I have to say, the kids and I had our own little taste of "Hawaii" today at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park & had a fabulous time with Jeff & Chandra. Eat your heart out Honolulu!!

Jeff & Larson with "The Big Kahuna Waterfall"

Chandra & Secily on "the Beach"


Carryn Thomas said...

Hey Karin,
Enjoying your blog so much. The kids are sooo cute and so are you and Ryan. Laughed so much at your description of a typical day. I can relate. For future need "Off Mosquito Repelent" takes permanent marker of hard surfaces. Keep it up we love seeing you all.
Love Carryn and Ian

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