Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Party Animals....

We have been so busy this past week. We had parties five days in a row! I think Larson thought that his world had turned into one big occasion to eat cake! He loved it!!

I haven't posted in awhile, so here are some catch-up pics:

One of Ryan's college friends got married this past weekend. It was so much fun because all of his Tech friends were there. There are 12 of them who have really kept in touch since college.. this is the crew (minus the bride & groom!) - Ryan has been at all of their weddings!

This is Larson & Secily with the Lowry kids. They had such a fun day playing together!

Larson & Secily are starting to team up - which can only mean one thing.....trouble! :)


courtney said...

You're going to have to email me that group picture, since they guys (Jeff) decided to do the "head tilt" with my camera...ugh!!!

Scott said...

email me the picture also if you don't mind