Monday, January 29, 2007

Larson Lingo

Larson has really been talking up a storm lately. He is constantly chattering away and for the most part, is pretty easy to understand. He loves to tell Scout what to do. We have been working on learning our "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" which currently sound like "Yethsur" and "Meeum". I guess we still have some work to do.
Secily is getting very good at sitting up. She can sit without supporting herself with her arms.

Larson likes to sit next to her, and if I'm lucky, he will sit down next to her and get up without knocking her down.


Some of you may be wondering - Have you started potty training Larson yet? How is it going?

Not that well.


Linda said...

That photo of Larson in the toilet is too funny--made me laugh out loud. Oh well....nothing like exploring the mystery of the toilet. :-)
Secily looks so cute "upright".

courtney said...