Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clowning Around

Secily has started sucking her thumb less, which I guess is a good thing - maybe she won't have to have braces after all - but she has started sucking on her bottom lip. Which makes her look like this:

Isn't that hilarious?

So funny!

This is how cute she is without the "bottom-lip-suck-clown-smile":
So sweet.

We did go to the cardiologist today, and he said that the hole in her heart looks the same, but that he is not worried about it. So,that is good news. It is obviously not bothering her.....


courtney said...

She is SO precious!!! I love that face! Korley does something similar where she constantly purses her lips like a fish...nice.

Glad all is well with her little heart!....

I honestly am (heehee...inside joke...get it?)

Lisa said...

*sigh* How do you get anything done during the day? I'd just be sitting there, squeezing those cute little cheeks from morn til night! She's so CUTE!
Hey, if you're homesick for Canada, you should make a visit to Tulsa right now. We've been under 3 inches of ice for a week now and we're expecting 8 inches of snow tomorrow. Now, I know that's NOTHING compared to Canada, but it's shocking to us midwesterners!!