Monday, December 18, 2006

What a Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Glenn & Linda came in to town on Friday afternoon & we headed over to the Gaylord Texan to see the Ice Sculpture exhibit that they have there. It was great - they handed you a coat, and sent you into the rooms that they keep at 9 degrees.

There were very cool, enormous ice sculptures, and it all ended with the some ice slides. You may think that just the kids enjoyed the slides...but think again!

Saturday was filled with birthday celebration! I can't believe that Larson is 2! It has been the fastest, and best 2 years.
We had dinner with family,

and cake.

Larson had a great time. He loved all the attention!!
Here he is sharing one of his new toys with Secily.

In other BIG brother-in-law Preston got ENGAGED on Saturday!!!! I am so excited for him & his fiancee Katherine!

What a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Awwww, what a fun weekend!! I want to go on an ice slide!! And I want to hire you to make my next birthday cake - that firetruck was so cool!
I'm also excited because now, when my Mom says, "Oh, Preston got engaged!" I can say, "Yeah, I know, I read it on Karin's blog!" (Or maybe I shouldn't steal her thunder like that...hmmmm.)

courtney said...

I can't believe Larson is two, either--crazy!! I love his did a great job!

We're going to see the ice thingy on Christmas Day. I'm excited; I've heard it's really neat. We go to the Gaylord every year right before Christmas and we tried to do the ice thing last year, but it was a two hour wait. Uh, no thanks!

Karin said...

Lisa - I'm so glad you now have my good to hear from you! We are very excited about the engagement! That means hopefully we will see you in May! :) Linda just told me about your I will check it out!

Courtney - Your blog inspired mine, so thanks. Don't be too impressed by the cake - I, of course, posted only the best pictures of it! :)
You will like the "ice thingy" - but your kids will LOVE it!

Linda said...

I finally got signed up to send replies--yeah! However, my first comment got put under Dec. 12. So if you wonder why my comment doesn't fit that photo, that's why. :-)