Friday, December 22, 2006

Brought to you today by: the Letter K, and the Number 2

Larson has just mastered the "k" sound. He says words like "sock" and "look" really well, and really emphasises the K at the end of the word. He must like the sound, because he has also started to add it to the end of many other words....for example - instead of saying no, he says "nok", instead of telling me that he has a dirty diaper, he says "pook", instead of saying help, he says "helk". Very funny.
He is also really into the number 2. I guess this is fitting since he just turned 2, and we have been practicing saying how old he is. But he also uses "2" to count off - like when he is ready to slide, he sits there counts "2" and then slides down, no lead up, nothing comes after...just "2" and away he goes.
Here he is enjoying his slide.

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courtney said...

He's so cute!...or shall I say "cuke".