Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Talk, and Polka Dots.

We had a great Thanksgiving Day yesterday. We celebrated with Jeff & Chandra, and Preston, and our good friends Tim & Sarah & Lauren.
Larson & Lauren had fun playing together - aren't they adorable...(looks like Larson might need some work on hugging.)
Secily kept herself amused.We deep fried the turkey. How Texan is that!!?!
Doesn't it look good? It was.

To carry on in the spirit of thankfulness - I am SO thankful today, on her birthday, for my Mom. Just this week, I was out shopping and got all emotional because I missed my mom. You see, she is great to have around. She is the most cheerful person you could ever meet (she likes polka dots...have you ever met an unhappy person who likes polka dots - I doubt it. If you like polka dots, you are automatically a happy person) - and that spills over into everything else that she does :) Shopping is fun with Mom, baking is fun with Mom, even cleaning is fun with her! She is such an encouragment to those around her, and is such a woman of Faith. I am so inspired by her. People always tell me that I am just like my mom - that is the nicest thing that they can say to me. :) Happy Birthday Mom,I love you.

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