Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Morning.

Let me just say before you read this post, that I love my children, and I love being at home with them. That being said......

Let me tell you about my day so far.....

6:30 a.m. - Woke up and fed Secily
7:00 - Larson started yelling "MOM" about every 3 seconds.
7:00:15 - Went to Larson's room & got him up and dressed.
7:15 - Let Larson out to play with Scout.
7:35 - Larson & Scout came in covered in mud & dirt. Larson had his first outfit change of the day.
7:45 - Started making breakfast. Larson helped. He got a hold of the cooking spray, and sprayed it all over the wall. I cleaned that up.
7:55 - We ate our eggs for breakfast. Larson wanted more. I told him "No, you can't eat more than 2 eggs, you should eat some toast instead". He didn't want toast.
8:00 - Larson went back outside to play with Scout, while I cleaned up from breakfast.
8:15 - Larson & Scout came back inside. Larson hit his head on the table. He started crying. Secily decided to join in.
8:20 - Secily went down for nap #1.
9:00 - Got out the paint for a little craft time. Larson & I started painting. I turned around to get some more paper, Larson decided to drink the water that we were dipping our paint brushes in.
9:15- We finish painting, Larson has his second outfit change of the day.
9:30 - Secily wakes up from her nap. I feed her. As I am feeding her, Larson goes into the kitchen - he comes back to me carrying an open bag of sugar from the pantry. I finish feeding Secily & clean up the sugar.
9:50 - Larson climbs up onto the desk in the office, and finds a Sharpie Marker. He brings it into the kitchen & begins writing on the pantry door. I take away the marker. I go to get the cleaning supplies to clean off the marker. While I am doing that Larson takes the trash can out of the pantry, picks out the coffee filter with coffee grounds in it, and dumps it on the floor. I finish cleaning off the marker, and then clean up the coffee.
10:05 - We load everyone up to go run some errands.
10:15 - We arrive at the post office. It takes us about 5 minutes to get everyone out of the car and in the stroller
10:20 - We enter the post office, and mail our package. This only takes us about 2 minutes.
10:22 - We get everyone back in the car. We head to Sam's.
10:35 - We get to Sam's and there are no carts in the parking lot. So, we get out - I carry Secily in her carrier & Larson walks beside me holding my hand. Only, he doesn't really want to hold my hand - he wants to walk by himself. It takes us awhile to get from the car to the store.
10:55 - We check out of Sam's with a box of diapers & a drink. Larson wants some of my drink - it's caffeine free, so I say OK, and hold it out for him to take a sip through the straw - he grabs the whole drink and spills it on himself.
11:05 - We get back in the car and head over to Wal-Mart. I park right by the cart return where there are carts waiting for us! Yeah.
11:15 - Larson shriek's his way through Wal-mart. I do my best to try to quiet him & look like I have one ounce of control over my 2 year old.
11:20 - We are back in the car and headed for home.
11:30 - We get back home. I let Larson "drive" as I unload the car. He loves it.
11:40 - I fix lunch and Larson & I eat. Larson slips Scout at least half of his meal.
11:55 - We give Secily a bath. Larson helps. All three of us wind up soaking wet.
12:05 p.m. - Larson has yet another change of clothes.
12:30 - Secily has a blow-out diaper. A HUGE blow-out.
12:36 - Secily goes back in for another bath.
12:45 - Larson goes down for a nap.
1:00 - I feed Secily & she goes down for a nap.

So, here I am, halfway through my day. I hope I make it through the next half! :)

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