Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Because the Earth is 2/3 water.......

That's right, the O'Brien slogan of the '80s still lives on in our hearts, and we are proud of it!
We had a great afternoon last Saturday on the lake when Bryan & Eraina took us, & Jeff & Chandra, out in their new Air Natique! It is an awesome boat!

The weather was perfect, the lake was calm, we had a wetsuit & a dry suit, a stereo in the boat (that you can hear while riding), food, family.....what more could you ask for!?

Larson LOVED "driving" the boat with Uncle Bryan,

and riding in the bow with Uncle Jeffy,

but was a little uneasy when Ryan was out wakeskating. He kept on saying "Daddy" and then pointing into the boat! Funny!
(Don't Chandra & I look like we are having an interesting conversation!)

It was Secily's first boat ride & she was a champ. Here she is with Aunt E, learning the ways of the water, becoming a young "boat chick".

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