Monday, July 09, 2012

Incomparable Camp Ozark!

I cannot believe that we have a child who is old enough to go to camp.....especially when it seems like it wasn't that long ago that Ryan & I were there!  But, alas, it is true.   Larson is old enough.  He camped for 2 weeks.  And,   He. Had. A. Blast!

I was lucky enough to be there as a camp Mom and was so glad to be able to watch Larson experience the place that Ryan & I love so much.

At the front gate:

He & his new BFF Jack - so glad that they had each other!  Cabin 33- quack!quack!

Ana & I....reliving the past....does it help that we know we are dorks?

 One of Larson's favorite activities - archery....(pretty sure he thought he was Hawk-Eye)

The barn swing on Western Night

Counselor Ben, Jack, Larson, Counselor John

Water World foam pit!

The Wibit at Wacky World - Larson & Jack played here almost every day at Mish Mash.

Love those Hoeksoma Boys!

Smashball - a Camp Ozark favorite.

All Girls Lifeline!  (Like I said, at least we know we are dorks.)
 Mini Golf

Mish Mash!

The boys loved visiting Carson in his office....they thought they were so big-time knowing him!  Yes, Larson does have his shirt on inside out AND backwards.  Yes, he did wear it that way most of the day.

They also loved hanging out with CooperB!

Best Camp Mom team ever?  Yes.

Larson's favorite special event....

Ultimate Solution -

Go Larson!  Rim ball!
 Larson & Jack looking tough ready for Gladiator Assault!

It was such a great 2 weeks - we loved every minute of being at camp!  So grateful for the experience and already looking forward to the years to come!

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Moth-ar said...

Loved seeing the photos--looks like SO much fun!