Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Let's Go Surfing Now....

We spent a fair amount of time behind the boat this summer, which, in my books, is as summer should be!  Ryan worked a TON this summer (64 shifts in 60 days), so running out to the lake was a great & quick family outing for us.  One of our favorite activities this year was inland surfing - fun, easy, (much easier, softer falls!), and easy to do with the kids. 


Secily - looking comfortable & pleased with herself!

 Even JaneJane got behind the boat!

Larson did his share of surfing with us too, but then he got up all by himself of skis!!  We were so proud of him!  Way to go Larson!

 It was so fun to see how excited, and amazed, he was that he made it up!

 Of course, a huge thanks to B&E for being so generous with their boat!

It's always a great day at the lake!  


courtney said...

that first pic of Larson is PRICELESS!

Lorraine said...

What great pictures. And always such a fun time.

Anonymous said...

I can just see your kids doing the
pyramids like you guys used to do!
Love, kay