Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We got to vacation with the Files Family towards the end of May - and we had a blast!  We cruised to Mexico, Honduras, Belize, then back to Mexico.

We met in New Orleans....

Then we set out with these 2 at the helm....

We took a line dancing class

and had such fun hanging out with each other!

Lesley entered a dancing competition...with a whale.
Of course she did.

We went to an iguana farm in Honduras.  The kids loved it, I, was a little more hesitant.  (read:  I was freaking out at the top of the hill while my children ran among the lizards)

They have fewer rules when it comes to animals & zoos in, no rules.
Hold a monkey?  Sure!

Parrot on your shoulder?  No problem!

Of course we can't have a Files vacation without a little Carcassonne!

Fun dinners!

Fun excursions!

Sweet cousin time...

Thanks for a great vacation Glenn & Linda!


Katherine said...

missing y'all!!

Moth-ar said...

We had such fun with you all! Loved your comments/captions. :-)