Sunday, March 20, 2011

February - Part 6

My Mom & I took a quick trip to California towards the end of the month to visit Family.  We had a great trip together & enjoyed seeing my Grandparents, Uncle Paul & Aunt Carol, Uncle Earl & Aunt Adele & my sweet cousin Deanna.  
So fun to see everyone!!

Mom & I stayed in Indio, and since we are not golfers, there was one tourist attraction for us to check out.  The Shield's Date Farm.  

The sign just reels you in.....

How could you turn this show down - - it's in sound AND color!

They did sell some good fresh fruit!  

The resort we stayed at was a lot of fun - we went biking, 

and picked grapefruit off of the trees!

Such a fun trip with Mom!  :)


Moth-ar said...

Loved seeing all your newest blog posts! I would love the Date Farm--would be reeled in absolutely. :-)
So glad you had such a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

When I was 9 my folks took me to the Shield's Date Farm, and we had
date milkshakes....not my favorite as a kid, but memorable! Looks like you and your Mom had a blast!
Love, k