Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Files Family Night Was Brought To You By....

The letter "F".

We decorated our F centerpiece.

We played Freeze Tag outside, and then moved in for a game of Find It.  Have you ever played a Find It?  They are fun and will drive you crazy trying to find all of the items!  We played more of a live version, & they found them all!

We then feasted on Fajita's and Fruit
And finished up our evening making our dessert  - Frosty the Snowman.
**note to self:  next time, skip Frosty & go for a Root beer float instead.**

Not a lot of pictures, but, a Fun evening together!


courtney said...

aw, y'all are so cute. if i were to give you a grade for this family fun night, it wouldn't be an F! ;)

Lorraine said...


Chandra said...

Hooray for family night!!!!

Katie said...

I swear I love reading about these family nights. Pure family fun is the BEST! Thanks for the creative ideas :).

Tiff said...

Stop being so're making the rest of us look bad.

"Look away, Miller kids!!"


Moth-ar said...

I love it!! ...looks like such a great time
...Family Fun For February

Moth-ar said... almost February. ;-)

John said...

Wow! they were so cute, looks like they had a lot of fun too.

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