Friday, December 17, 2010

He's 6!

Larson turned 6 on Thursday.  6 marvelous years old.  We had a great time celebrating!

A birthday breakfast

The Lowry's came over the weekend before to help us celebrate.   We went to Gatti town for pizza & games

How much fun are bumper cars!?

Sarah & I showing off our moves....yeah, we've got 'em.  

There just happened to be a Santa there so the kids spent some time chatting with him....

And, of course cake & ice cream.  Looks like he's going to blow them all out!

Good friends!

We also had a family party on his birthday - 

Some loving from the cousins

What's a party without a pinata right!?

The cake

Happy birthday to our joyful, kind, funny, tenderhearted boy!  We love you Larson!


francine said...

larson rocks! he really really does! :) glad the party went well!

--A. said...

I cannot believe that he is already six years old. Happy Birthday Larson!!

Sarah said...

We had such a good time celebrating! I agree, Larson is kind, sweet and tenderhearted!

Katie said...

Six is awesome. Happy birthday Larson!!!