Thursday, September 02, 2010

He's Got Spirit - Yes He Does!

Friday's are spirit shirt days.

He'll wear his for the second time tomorrow.  :)

Larson bought his lunch for the first time this week.  He has been looking forward to buying lunch since before school started - so it was a big day for him!  We hadn't really set up his account with restrictions, or given him any guidelines, really, of what to have for lunch so, when he got home and we asked him what he ate for lunch he replied:
a hotdog
and fries
and popcorn
and strawberry milk
and a popsicle.  

Restrictions?  Yes, please.  


Teresa said...

What a cutie! Kindergarten suits him well.

Moth-ar said...

I remember the fun of buying lunch at school--power to the people! Love the spirit shirt!

Anonymous said...

Ah...I'm glad he seems to be embracing kindergarten!!

You changed your blog! Looks good!


Moth-ar said...

Wow--nice new look on your blog--lovely!

Lorraine said...

Love your new look!!