Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not yet.

Larson has lately has been asking for a Nintendo DS.  He mentions it daily.  In our most recent conversation he (once again) asked for a DS.
I said to him "Larson, I'm not sure about getting a DS.  I'm worried that if you got one you would want to play it all the time and not do anything else."
"Mom", he answers, "I wouldn't play it all the time.  It needs to charge."

And that, my friends, is why we will not be getting a DS any time soon.


francine said...

larson is so great... he's totally gonna be one of those people who is a quick thinker and says lots of clever quips when he's older!

WinterBlog said...

Ha, ha!!! So many of Cael's friends have a DS - it is nuts!!! I did get Cael a leapfrog Didj - it is almost like a DS - however it was only $26 from TJ Max as opposed to an expensive DS. It has been a good option for us.

Terry and Bonnie said...

Karin...Kelsey just informed me that you can still play DS even when it's charging! So ya, good decision on your part!!