Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Day of School

Yes, I am aware that it is February, not September, but with me being put on bedrest with this pregnancy, we have enrolled the kids in the Preschool at our church.

Larson & his teacher


So far, so good! They both seem to like it.
As for me, I don't know what to do with myself, alone, for hours at a time!! Anyone have any good movie/book recommendations?


courtney said...

Alone in your house?!? How AWESOME!

Wish I had a good recommendation, but I don't read and all we watch is kids movies.

saffron said...

Secily is sooo sweet! I hope that you are feeling look great! I too have no recommendations for you as I never have time to read either, unless Robert Munsch counts!

Ann McNellis said...

Hi Karin -
Try to just enjoy this time of rest as after the baby comes, I'm sure it will be awhile!! I love anything by Francine Rivers (Christian fiction) you may already read her. I recently read thost Twilight books ... totally crazy that I would even think of reading books about vampires, but they are really pretty good. Another author that is fun and light to read is Emily Giffin. I've read all of hers and they are great. They are pretty clean, only a few bad words, and are really good. Hope these help and that sweet baby or yours sits tight for a few more weeks!

Becky Chamberlain said...

Pure jealousy over here

Jinny and Colin said...

Nice! I hope you enjoy your alone time. I'm with Ann on the Twilight books, I was hooked on them. I've also recently been reading through all of the LM Montgomery books and have been loving them! My favorites are The Blue Castle, the Anne series, and the Emily series.
You should go and buy yourself a TV series on DVD or something. Colin and I hardly watch TV anymore, we mostly just watch TV on DVD. Gotta love the no commercials. :) Unless you're into Sci-Fi/Fantasy type genres of TV, I don't have many recommendations for you...hehe.

Unga Punga said...

Do you have a laptop or access to the computer on bedrest? If so I might have a little addiction to share with you that eats up plenty of time. :)

I also recommend the Twilight books, completely ridiculous stories about celibate sparkly vampire teenagers. What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

hey karin--i also vote for the twilight books. i am on the third one now and they are pretty easy reading--and there are four of them plus one (online i think) so it will last for a while. then we can have a phone call book discussion on a tuesday morning, which would also use up some time!! :)

Allecia said...

Hi there! How much longer? I enjoyed all the Karen Kingsbury books...Christian based, but still "real". Praying for you guys!

Dr. Kent said...

Karin...Love Secily's smile.

I just read a book called Stolen Innocence I can't think of who it was by but it is about that Warren Jeffs Mormon Church and a girl from it....super interesting. Left to Tell was also really good, a girl's true story about the Rwandan Genocide. Then there was A Long Way Gone about a boy soldier in Sierra Leone....also really good. After reading your replies looks like I might need to try these Twilight books. All the best Karin!

Jodi Ranger said...

I vote for both Twilight and Stolen Innocence. They were both great. Good Luck on the rest of your pregnancy.