Saturday, August 04, 2007


I know I have not posted in a really long time. I haven't been away, I have no good excuse actually... so here is a brief catch up of what has been going on:

We went out to the lake last weekend with Bryan. The kids love the boat. Especially Larson - he just wants to "go fast in the boat". He seems a little nervous about anyone riding behind the boat, but as soon as we get home, all he does is pretend that he is wake-boarding!
Some pics from the lake -
Bryan wake boarding - throwing something big:

Secily enjoying the boat ride, in her own special seat:
Larson wanting to take over the captain's chair:
We have been doing a lot of normal, everyday stuff like mowing the lawn, which to some of you, and to me seems like a pretty mundane thing, but not so to Larson. Lawn-mowing day is his favorite. Here are Ryan & Larson finishing Larson's favorite activity ever....weed-eating!
The kids and I have also been enjoying the weather, and spending a lot of time at the pool, or anywhere else that is wet. Larson & Secily both love the splash park:

We have had Lesley (Ryan's sister) staying with us for the past 3 1/2 weeks. It has been so much fun to have her around! Larson calls her "Auntie Lefley". Ryan has called Lesley, Secily, and Secily, Lesley. It can be rather confusing. Here is Secily & Aunt Lesley, or Lesley and Aunt Secily...however you want to say it:

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