Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Random Pictures

I was looking through some pictures the other day, saw these ones and thought, how have I never posted them!?

This is my in-laws dog doing her amazing tricks. Here she is jumping over Linda & Larson. Larson loved it.

Secily - she will hate me for this picture one day.

And, I saved the best for last........old school pictures! I love them! Top row is Elizabeth, Lesley, Natalie. Second row is me, Alan, and Preston. Both Lesley's & my picture are from the 2nd grade. Notice the great hairstyles (really, Liz has it too) we're modeling - both the straight & curly option of the classic chili-bowl. Don't try to tell us that we don't look good! :)


Teresa said... wasn't just me having an off-moment. Secily's hair does look more blonde in that picture than it usually does, right?
I dunno, it's late!

courtney said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Secily--you know I love a good baby ponytail!

So, where is Ryan's old school picture?

Lisa said...

BWAHAHAHA! The chili bowl!! I remember when The Little Girls (as Lesley and Liz will forever be known in my mind!) had those! At least y'all are girls - I REALLY don't like that haircut on little boys! (And I've seen it! Ick!)