Saturday, March 24, 2007

We're back!

Well, I have been MIA from the blogging world for quite awhile, but, our crazy month of travelling is over - we had a fabulous time - and we are now back home & back to routine, so the blogging will also resume! I unfortunately left my camera in Houston, so I will have to post pictures when I get it back.

Since Feb. 22 Ryan &/or I have been to Mexico, Ohio, Houston, Las Vegas, and Arkansas! We had never left the kids before, but this past month left them twice!! It was so great of both my parents and Ryan's parents to rearrange their schedules so we could leave the kids with them - I think that now Larson believes that all of his grandparents live on airplanes!

In other news: Secily crawled for the first time today! She has been "scootching" herself backwards for a few weeks now, but just today she crawled forward a little bit. Very exciting.

Larson has been talking, talking, talking. It is hilarious to hear the things he says. One of my favorite word mix-ups of his is "kep-itch" for ketchup. He is also obviously listening to his Daddy, as yesterday he asked for "bleuch" to dip his chicken fingers in!

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Lisa said...

YAY! I've kept checking and rechecking your blog like a madwoman, looking for updates. I didn't think about the fact that you were travelling. (I knew via my mom via Linda!)
I'm a wee bit jealous and now I want to go on a trip with just my hubby!