Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Boy is Back in Town....

Ryan has been away, golfing in Phoenix with his Dad this week.

Things went fine here with him being gone. And by fine, I mean that this was the week I went ahead and locked my keys in the car while shopping at Sam's. L-o-v-e-l-y. The nice men at Wal-mart do not provide break-into-your-car-for-you services, so they gave me a coat hanger to "see what I could do with that". I found out that I "could do", absolutely nothing. Thankfully Garrett & Jen live close by, so Jen came and rescued us!

While Ryan was away, Eraina and Bryan came up and kept the kids one evening, so I could go out shopping...all by myself! It was so sweet of them! Of course, the kids love spending time with "Bry& E"

Ryan got back today, just a few hours before he had to go to work, so we went and met him for a picnic in the park.
He and Larson fed the birds.

And we watched the planes coming in and taking off.

Secily was very happy to have her Daddy home too!

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